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Mineral Powerhouse for Humans, Pets, Home & Garden

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Our brand new range of Australian freshwater Diatomaceous Earth is here. We are excited to share it’s 100’s of uses. It is truly one of... View the Collection

Welcome to Our Ancient Earth

Join us & the thousands of Diatomaceous Earth fans across the world who trust this chemical free product. Let us teach you how DE can benefit your family & home. Just Google it’s uses & you will see what we mean. Its Organic, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Sugar Free, Vegan Friendly, a Raw Wholefood, has No Additives & is safe to use with animals, plants & people. Its just as nature created it when fossilized algae accumulated in the sediment of freshwater lakes creating rich deposits of mineral rich pure silica thousands of years ago.

Our Amazing Customers Say

Our Process

We believe in giving back. Just as the Earth has given back to us with Diatomaceous Earth, we can give opportunity to others to help create meaning and purpose. We have the following Disability Services working with us to get our DE products to you.

The Cookery Nook, Brisbane Qld, is a Mercy Community social enterprise connecting people and communities through food. Our Human Grade DE is labelled and packed in their licensed commercial kitchen.

Endeavour Foundation Industries, Brisbane Qld, have a team of dedicated workers who love packaging, peeling stickers, labelling and packing our Animal DE and Home & Garden DE. We visit the team almost daily to check in on their work.

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