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About Us

Our Ancient Earth – Diatomaceous Earth, is a new brand from Ingrid Dimock at City Chicks in Brisbane, a popular City Farm concept for city families to visit that sells heritage poultry, native bees & a vast array of eco-friendly products. City Chicks is well known & highly regarded in the community, being regular speakers at major gardening events, schools and in the media.

Ingrid knows her stuff about chooks and found that using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) as an 100% organic alternative to chemicals made their chickens, ducks, geese, their dog Molly, and their guinea pigs resilient, parasite free and so healthy. Further research then showed that Diatomaceous Earth could help our Human bodies in the same way.

What Then? We tried to get some to sell to our clients. It was hard to find, came in massive dusty bags that were difficult to handle with little to no information about what it was or no nutrition facts. We felt frustrated. That’s when we decided enough is enough! In 2019 – Our Ancient Earth was born! We created a fresh, upmarket design on bags that would sit well on the shelves, be easy to carry and appeal to customers with information about the 100’s of uses for this product. Our product was clear, informative and affordable.

Wholesale Enquiries

We are looking for wholesalers to help share the magic of this product. If you are a wellness coach, health shop, organic product supplier, pet shop, produce store dog groomer, cat club, horse club etc email us at for details and a price list.

About Our Products

Our Diatomaceous Earth is an Australian product and we are so proud to say that. Go Aussie! We have partnered with The Cookery Nook, a fully licensed commercial kitchen in Brisbane and Endeavour Foundation Industries. Both are disability services and support organisations who package and label our products for us helping us give back to the community.

We created 3 variations to the Diatomaceous Earth theme:

  1. Human Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – a 100% pure raw wholefood, promoting good gut health, detoxifier and is helpful for firm skin, thick hair & strong nail growth.


  1. Animal Grade Diatomaceous Earth – 100% natural for use in bedding, kennels & litter for odour & moisture control and insect control. As a feed supplement, DE promotes digestive health, feather & fur growth, strong teeth & nails & research in the USA showing results in improving joint mobility.


  1. Home & Garden Grade Diatomaceous Earth– for 100’s of uses in the home and garden. 100% organic garden pest control, removes stains, cleans oil spills, ovens, makes toothpaste, home cleaning naturally etc etc. Just google its uses!

A Bit About How it Works

Diatomaceous Earth is considered an organic ancient powdery, silica rich mineral that is found in fossilized deposits under dried up freshwater lakes. It is not to be confused with the DE used in pools which is dangerous to humans & pets. The mineral is the result of a pile of dead diatoms or single cell algae that contain silica. The shells of these diatoms are so hard that they craze parasites upon contact dehydrating them making it a terrific product for parasite control internally & externally. Horse owners have seen the fly breeding cycle reduced by using DE. Ants can be reduced using DE, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, lice & mites also. Internally, in pets & people, the DE acts like a broom sweeping the digestive tract clean from toxins & bad gut bacteria promoting good health & immune support. Our DE has up to 96% silica. That’s the stuff to help grow luscious hair, nails and skin.

What Problems Can DE Help to Solve?

Gut issues, bloating, energy levels, parasite & pest problems, smells, moisture issues, finding a natural alternative, inside the house cleaning product, can use in making homemade cosmetics, oven cleaner, oil spills. There are literally 100’s of uses for this magical organic product.