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Is DE organic?

Our DE is organic as it comes untouched from the sedimentary layers under the earth and is not altered in any way other than heat treated to kill pathogens. We are undergoing certification for organic status.

Is this the DE that I use in my swimming pool?

No, this is a different product. Never consume swimming pool DE as it will make you very sick.

What country of origin is Our Ancient Earth from?

It is from Queensland, Australia.

Human Grade DE

Can I take DE every day?

Yes, that is the intention that your system gets cleaned on a regular basis so that the uptake of nutrients is more effective.

What side effects will I feel after taking it?

People have different reactions. Feelings of bloating, slight pains in the gut but it only lasts a few days as your body releases the toxins that are being cleaned from your digestive tract.

How much water should I take with it?

250ml is the recommended but it is advised to drink lots of water throughout the day.

How much should I take?

Food Safety Australia recommend up to 5 grams of DE daily. That represents around a flat tablespoon but its important to check the weight with a spoon from your kitchen. You should start with a small amount the size of a pea and when you feel comfortable gradually increase the amount.

Why should I take human grade DE?

It assists with promoting efficient gut health by sweeping like a broom through the digestive tract removing toxins, plaque, heavy metals and gut parasites. Silica comprises 96% of our DE, one of the highest rates in the world. The silica is like a life force and assists with strong hair and nails and healthy skin.

Animal, Garden & Home Use

How can I use DE in my home?

Oh man, 100’s of uses! Clean the oven, wiping the bathroom shower screen, putting in shoes as an odour absorber, making a facial mask, making toothpaste etc etc. Just google and you will discover!

How use can I use DE with my pets?

In the USA, studies have had evidential studies where joint mobility in animals was improved when adding DE to the diet of the animals. If you google the Uses of DE with Animals, you will be astounded at the uses that people have discovered.

My dog has a heat rash. I heard DE could help?

Yes, when made into a paste and applied daily to the spot, the silica within the DE can help to heal the wound. Success with summer itch, heat rash, excema and other skin irritations on all sorts of animals including guinea pigs, horses, dogs, cats, rats, goats, sheep, cattle etc.

Can DE stop flies in a stable or coop?

Yes, when liberally applied to a stable or coop bedding, it can affect the hatching of fly larvae. As flies like to lay their eggs in the poo of horses, chickens and other animals, once the eggs hatch, the larvae crawl over the DE, crazing them and thus dehydrating their bodies.

How do I use DE with my chickens?

It can be used as a wormer when added to feed at a rate of up to 15% into daily rations. If not being consumed in the feed then add to warm water to make it more of a gruel. Externally, add a handful of DE to their dust bath and in the chicken coop when it has its weekly clean out. Place under the litter to absorb moisture and odours. It will also help to create an insect barrier. When mites and lice crawl across the DE, their bodies become crazed and they dehydrate.

Is there anything I need to be careful about with DE?

DE can produce a fine dust which when inhaled regularly in confined spaces can affect the respiratory system of some people. It is recommended to wear a face mask when handling.

Is the DE for my pets the same stuff as I would take?

No, human grade DE has had a heat treatment applied to it removing any potential pathogens or dangerous bacteria.

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