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Want good gut health?


Want Good Gut Health?


Diatomaceous Earth is a 100% pure raw wholefood promoting good gut health.


  • 100% pure raw wholefood
  • Detoxify your digestive system and reduce bloating and gas
  • Remove gut parasites and toxins
  • Boost energy levels and increase mineral absorption as rich in natural silica


Diatomaceous Earth is considered an organic ancient powdery, silica rich mineral that is found in fossilized deposits under dried up freshwater lakes. It is not to be confused with the DE used in pools which is dangerous to humans & pets. The mineral is the result of a pile of dead diatoms or single cell algae that contain silica. The shells of these diatoms are so hard that they craze parasites upon contact dehydrating them making it a terrific product for parasite control internally & externally. Horse owners have seen the fly breeding cycle reduced by using DE. Ants can be reduced using DE, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, lice & mites also. Internally, in pets & people, the DE acts like a broom sweeping the digestive tract clean from toxins & bad gut bacteria promoting good health & immune support. Our DE has up to 96% silica. That’s the stuff to help grow luscious hair, nails and skin.